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I wasn’t aware that strong, sexually empowered women are in fact a demeaning social trope.

If you had ever played the games, or even mildly researched them, you’d know that Bayonetta is both highly sexualized for the benefit of the viewer AS WELL as being sexually empowered for herself. If you want to hate the former, you have to hate the latter, and that’s rather misogynistic, don’t you think?

okay theres a difference between real people choosing to be sexualised for their own benefit and men designing female characters to be sexualised

no matter how you wanna dress it up as this Fictional Character Created By Real People as making her own choices. she still in fact was made by a person who choose to make her look like that

yes, it is a problem that the person criticizing games does not research or play the game but you have to remember who makes the games and who is deciding that the character is empower by those things [hint: its cis het abled white men]

the designer of Bayonetta is female, Mari Shimazaki. she said that the design was a self projection power fantasy to empower herself while feeling beautiful, what she “aspires to be like”. for her own sake.

do your damn research.

"it’s cis het abled white men"

"white men"

… don’t play much, do you?


lmfao hows that research comin along tumblr

Bayonetta is one the most terrific, female-power fantasies I’ve seen since the gaming industry took off. Distinctly female yet completely working on her own terms, she show grace and power that utterly dominates every task she undertakes.

Most folks I’ve met who honestly believe that she is a sexist, misogynistic character have not done the research and/or ultimately believe that sexuality and female characters cannot coexist, which is ridiculous.

Anti-sex feminism needs to be thrown out. It denies a part of both human nature and art.

God I hate this post. 

I mean of course major problems in the world today can be traced back to white people, but to blame white people for all the world’s evils is completely missing the point about human nature.

Had China got to the industrial revolution first, we’d all be bitching about the atrocities committed by them in the past century, and then saying how white people completely innocent too. Now who the hell wants that?

There’s nothing that white people can do to change the past, but focusing on past mistakes and learning from them, is not just how we can better ourselves, but how everyone can better themselves. 

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Favourite BTVS Speeches:
↳ Rupert Giles, Innocence.

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Real Christians aren’t assholes

In High School I had a friend who was super religious, her whole family was. Despite this, she was pro-marriage equality, pro-choice, and never once tried to convert me or make me feel bad about my own religious decisions (I was and still am an agnostic). She was always kind, and treated everyone with respect, regardless of race, religion, or orientation. For her the heart and soul of being a Christian was to love others and treat others with dignity. She was a real Christian. 



I’m a Christian and this is how the fucking religion works. Love. Not hate.






This is so fucking stupid, you can’t defend this. Nintnedo what is this shit? what the fucking fuck it’s a fucking fighting game

If you want to fight 1v1 then play for glory, that’s the whole reason it’s there

If theres a player, in your game, where you’re suppose to fight each other, you should expect a fight. If theres one guy whos clearly lacking, and you kick his ass, that should be it. “Damn, got my ass handed to me” is what you should think. Not “wow hes bullying me. Why didn’t he attack my other team mate? This isn’t fair.” Thats some weak ass shit and you shouldnt even be playing.

Except when veterans target weaker players it makes their stats look better and the others’ stats look worse. It’s just a measure to even out the playing field.

smash was designed to be a game for all ages and all experience levels and if you single out the worst player in a 4-person match and relentlessly wail on them then they’re Not Going To Have Fun and you’re being an asshole. no six-year-old with a 3ds and smash is going to want three 20-something melee veterans to gang up on them in for fun mode

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