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Anyway you dice it, nothing is going to change the fact that children need both a mother and a father.

Ah, homophobia, transphobia, and good old cis straight prejudice. (Oh, also a prejudice against single parent homes! Yay! So many problems!) 

Did you know that there’s actually been STUDIES about the sorts of environments that children do well in? And you know what they found? The gender of the parents has no impact on the well being of a child. 

Like, cornbreaded christ, stop trying to use “but the children!” as an excuse for bigotry. 

Besides, children DON’T need a mother and a father. What they DO need is a stable home with someone who loves them more than anything who can meet their needs and some of their wants. Trans people and gay and lesbian couples can provide those just fine. We’re not incapable of love just because our gender or sexuality is not cis/straight.

This also implies a single mother or father is incapable of ‘loving’ their children enough or providing stability or a good environment. You’re against single parents too then OP?

more than one friend of mine were raised by their grandparents. makes no difference.

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